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Australia's Projects
Donate to any of these worthy causes that Emunah Australia is currently supporting. All donations are tax deductuble. 

Donate where it is needed most

General Donation

Emunah is a social welfare organisation that provides lifesaving services to more than 10,000 individuals and families at risk including infants, children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Emunah has so many ongoing expenses and new emergencies to deal with all the time (like COVID-19) in the homes they run for children who have been removed from their families, emergency shelters, and therapy centresYour donation will be used by World Emunah in the work it does to relieve poverty or distress.

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Building safer and sustainable environments

Capital Building Projects

Emunah has five children’s homes caring for 800 children and youth at risk, as well as many day care centres catering for vulnerable youth, counselling centres and other facilities to aid people in need. These capital facilities often need refurbishment to meet further demand, recommended living standards and new government regulations including kitchen or  housing unit refurbishments in the children’s homes or building a safe room. Check out current building projects Emunah Australia is currently supporting. 

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Skill building/Extracurricular activities

Wellbeing and Therapeutic Programs

Emunah provides additional support, resources and therapies to assist the development of the vulnerable in their care. This includes sport  and music programs, art and animal therapies and handyman therapies which help with therapeutic care and the psychological wellbeing of those in Emunah’s care. Your support will help fund these much needed programs as well as the other services offered including psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work and other conventional therapies  provided by Emunah.

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Financial Aid to Further Education

Emunah Children's Homes and Educational Support

Tuition scholarships from daycare through to women's highschool and college. Additionally, this includes additional staffing, computers, stationary, books, equipment and facilities for all ages. 

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