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Emunah Circles

Therapy groups helping women in crisis with emotional support and psychological care.

Afula Children's Home

The Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Center in Afula is currently home to 130 children at-risk aged 6-18, in residential and afternoon care, placed by child protective services, as the result of neglect, abuse, parent dysfunction, and maladaptive social behavior.

Beit Weinstein Counselling Program

Using a personalized pedagogical approach, based on trust and mutual respect, Emunah Beit Weinstein strives to increase student motivation and help them to enhance their achievements. Good communication between students and staff creates an atmosphere of calm and dignity. Emunah Bet Weinstein recognizes the value in diversity and works to address the various needs of our students. Help support and provide counsellors for a unique vocational high school for girls run by Emunah in Bnei Brak.

General Donation

Emunah is a social welfare organisation that provides lifesaving services to more than 10,000 individuals and families at risk including infants, children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Emunah has so many ongoing expenses and new emergencies to deal with all the time (like COVID-19) in the homes they run for children who have been removed from their families, emergency shelters, and therapy centres. Your donation will be used by World Emunah in their ongoing work.

Ramle Multi-Purpose Day Care

The Multi-Purpose Day Care Centers take in children from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., providing for all their needs throughout the day. Intensive therapy is provided for the entire family, while para-medical professionals and social workers care for the children. Parents are trained in parenting skills.

Pesach Project

Our appeal is raising funds for a Greenhouse to be built at the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children's Home, allowing the underprivileged kids who live there to engage in a specially designed Gardening Therapy program, building their confidence, knowledge and skills within a warm and nurturing environment.

Kol Nidrei Appeal 2021

Tuition Scholarships for struggling families at Ramle Multi-Purpose Day Care Center.

General Simcha Donations

Kids For Emunah Fundraising

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