Emunah Australia - Sydney


Sydney Leadership

Emunah Sydney, sister of Emunah Melbourne under the now common Emunah Australia Banner, is proud of its commitment to working for our projects in Israel over the years. 

The team who work with me  I call affectionately , “the Emunah Angels”. Every fundraiser and event takes a diligent team and the angels; Helen Gold, Marise Isaacs, Anne Reid, Eva Wittenberg, Chana Hersh, Daisy Stein, Miriam Stein, Viera Stark, Miriam Marks are the team.

Though we are all young... at heart, we are so grateful for the incoming young Gen Emunah lead by the most competent Rachelle Gold and Ruby Feilich. Ruby in her 20s working in events  was moved and motivated by a visit as a volunteer in year 10 on a Moriah Israel program. After working with young kids in an Emunah Children’s village, she vowed to to make a difference to these children’s lives. 

She has done and continues to do so working with Rachelle their young Gen Emunah recruits.


Di "Gittel" Kuchar